Why Invest in Movida?

Excellence and quality in service.

We are recognized for the excellence and quality of our services because we offer high quality, agile and efficient services. This recognition is evidenced by our percentage of client satisfaction that Movida Excellence Index (Índice de Excelência Movida), or IEM. IEM measures the degree of satisfaction of our clients regarding their car rental experience with us through an online survey sent at the time the car is returned. The survey has five questions and a space for qualitative notes in case clients wish to include any details on the subject. The goal for our stores is to always remain above the "great" service level. In order to ensure this, a monthly report is generated and sent to store supervisors, regional managers and our senior management for follow up. We seek excellence in service at our reservation center, stores and in client assistance, with professionals that are prepared and trained to offer quality service and adequate solutions to our clients. Our call center is open 24 hours, all year long.

Our fleet is constantly renewed, with a low average age, ensuring a high level of quality in the services we provide and lower maintenance costs. We have quality assets and a large portfolio of car makes, colors and models.

We value the work of our professionals and believe it is important to invest in their training and development, encouraging active engagement in the development and presentation of distinguished solutions that contribute to the dynamics of the services we provide. We share with our team the culture of being of service to clients, and we know that the more trained our professionals are, the better our clients will be served. Accordingly, we offer specific trainings for each relevant activity, including customer service, from the execution of rental contracts to the drop-off of the vehicle, the preparation of stores, leadership and institutional integration.

Proven history of innovation and modernization of our products and services.

We pioneer in the use of technology and are recognized by our clients for the continuous innovation and modernization of our products. We have a team dedicated to the creation and development of innovative technologies, working on trends such as:

  • loyalty: investment in a new platform to extend benefits to our clients;
  • new payment methods: capture of new money for operations and increase in the "share of wallet"; and
  • artificial intelligence: Chatbot, which will allow automatic reservations through Facebook Messenger.

We believe the innovations that we introduced have driven the Brazilian car rental market and contributed to our growth in recent years. The RAC segment was driven by the entry of new car models for rental, including the Hyundai HB20 in the "economic" category, Amarok in the "vans" category, Mercedes and Audi in the "affordable luxury" category and Renegade in the "automatic SUV" category. In addition, we were the first to launch onboard Wi-Fi with nationwide coverage. At our stores, we also innovated by using tablet computers for the express car drop-off and professional screens for advertisement at store desks and real time advertising of our launches. We also launched Movida Express, in the Congonhas airport in the city of São Paulo, providing comfort and convenience to our clients through car pick-up and drop-off at the airport. We also entered into a number of commercial partnerships with credit card companies, gas stations and airlines, offering special conditions to their clients and ensuring a higher demand for our products.

Strong brand, widely recognized in the market.

We believe the strength, youth and recognition of our brand are the drivers of our businesses, and are largely the reflex of the quality and excellence of our customer service. We were the only car rental brand that improved its position in Top of Mind research over the last three years, having ranked second in brand recognition in the segment in 2016, increasing by 162% as compared to our position in 2015, from 8% in 2015 to 21% in 2016. We are present on all major social networks in Brazil, and we had the largest number of followers on Instagram and Twitter among Brazilian car rental companies, with the highest increase in the number of fans in Facebook in September 2016. Moreover, we believe our website is one of the most visited websites among those of Brazilian car rental companies, with approximately 2.0 million visitors in the nine months ended September 30, 2016. We believe our initiatives motivate this type of recognition and contribute to the loyalty of our clients, leveraging our financial and operating results.

Additionally, we rely on an extensive service network, with stores strategically located in all Brazilian states. Our stores are generally located in strategic locations that are easily spotted and accessed. We believe that such a wide coverage provides our clients with considerable convenience when renting cars in the major Brazilian cities.

Strong, consistent and sustainable revenue growth in recent years, combined with financial health.

Our car rental activities provide us with growth opportunities even at a time of economic downturns, due to the fact that car rental is an attractive alternative to high investments in one’s own fleet. We believe our business model favors the solid growth of our revenue since we were pioneers in benefiting from unmet market opportunities including, for example, through the offer of luxury cars for rental, in addition to a strategy of continuously launching innovations, creating a new market and increasing our market share from 5.9 bps since 2014 and, in terms of sales, according to ABLA. We adopt a strict financial discipline of minimum cash compared to short-term debt and net debt/EBITDA ratio, excluding confirming operations, which was 0.7x in 2015. Additionally, our generation of operating cash has been increasing consistently.

Business Scale.

The large number of recurring purchases we make and the large scale of our operations and of the operations of the JSL Group allow us to have strong bargaining power and a close relationship with our suppliers. The scale of purchases is a significant competitive advantage and provides us with better commercial conditions to negotiate with car manufacturers, benefiting our operations due to (i) a lower volume of investment to expand our fleet and (ii) lower depreciation of vehicles in operation.

Experienced Senior Management.

We rely on a professional management team composed of executives qualified and experienced in the car rental market. Our operating know-how helps us to identify and benefit from opportunities in our sector and provides us with the flexibility to adjust our business plan to market demands, including through the development of new services and products, ahead of our competitors. We believe our senior management’s experience and good reputation create opportunities for us to continue investing in our growth and consolidate our market position. We also incorporate into our management team, professionals with significant experience in other sectors, including aviation, in order to use the best practices of such segments, as, i.e. yield management.