Our Strategy

Maintenance of our organic growth and geographical coverage focused on profitability and excellence in customer service.

We intend to maintain our business model and growth, consolidating and increasing our market share through:

  • market growth: the car rental market in Brazil is still incipient and fragmented, with little competition from larger scale companies such as us, and a history of lack of customized services focused on the client;
  • automation of processes and controls, with reduction in the time required to pick-up and drop-off vehicles;
  • opening of new stores, strengthening our presence nationwide and, eventually, internationally;
  • a growing trend in the market to outsource fleets due to clients’ needs to focus on their core business, reduce costs and allocate capital efficiently;
  • the development of a network of franchises for cities with smaller populations;
  • potential opportunities to conduct strategic acquisitions; and
  • an increased use of loyalty programs.

Leveraging cross selling among our business segments.

Our platform consists of segments that complement each other and leverage cross selling opportunities among them, optimizing our corporate structure due to the use of the same administrative base for our business segments and, additionally, strengthening our brand, which is used as a single and integrated brand. Our sales team works on obtaining and maintaining the relationship with GTF and RAC clients, leveraging the result of each sales approach. We intend to leverage the commercial exploration of these cross selling opportunities through a team that is able to offer our clients integrated automotive solutions, with higher added value in a growing market, including the offer of RAC contracts to GTF users. Moreover, we intend to use the information base of each of our business segments to identify the needs of our clients and provide automotive solutions, increasing our sales and profitability.

Launch of new services and products, expansion of sales channels and new partnerships with a continuous focus on innovation.

We intend to foster car rentals among our clients and retain their loyalty to our brand with the launching of new services and products. Currently, our RAC segment is focused on car rental services to individuals and companies. We also offer, on a smaller scale, cars to insurance companies that use our services to offer their clients replacement vehicles. We intend to expand our sales channels through operations with corporate clients and to expand our business with insurance companies (segments that are underexplored and have strong growth potential in Brazil), by mapping the market and using a dedicated sales team. Moreover, we seek to develop new partnerships with strategic segments and clients, including airlines, banks and professional associations, among others.

Improvement of profitability through operating efficiency and financial discipline.

We developed our business model based on profitability, focused on results and operating efficiency. We intend to increase our profitability and operating and financial efficiency by increasing the generation of operating cash and maximizing the return on invested capital to our shareholders through:

  • yield management: using a market intelligence method to maximize revenue on assets (through price management according to the fluctuation of market demand and also sensitivity to competition) and increasing the utilization rate based on asset rationalization and allocation;
  • gains in efficiency: reducing costs related to growth; diluting fixed costs and expenses due to the maturing of the business; and operational improvement; and
  • maturity of used car centers: increasing the number of used cars sold per centers reaching the end consumer, improving the gross margin of assets sold and, consequently, diluting expenses.

We have the operating structure in place to increase our profitability and operating and financial efficiency with the implementation of teams 100% dedicated to monitoring the market and performing analysis of our internal capabilities. Accordingly, we are able to make strategic decisions and quickly implement the relevant adjustments. We are already reaping the results of this effort, establishing price adjustment according to seasonality, an effort that our competition has followed. We intend to continue adopting our strict capital discipline, reinforcing and introducing practices that seek to improve our operating efficiency. We intend to maintain our investments in operating assets of high liquidity, primarily consisting of vehicles for rental.

Movida is the Most Innovative Company in the Market

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