Movida absorbed experience and know-how from JSL, combined with best practices in Corporate Governance.

JSL has a unique positioning in the Brazilian logistic services industry…

  • #1 buyer of heavy vehicles in the country;
  • #2 buyer of light vehicles in the country;
  • Ample view of the Brazilian economy;
  • Strong and long term relationships with automakers;
  • Significant expertise and market knowledge to develop vehicle procurement; and
  • Expertise in logistics to allocate cars within stores network, optimizing operations.

… guaranteeing competitive advantages to Movida…

  • Procurement: Movida benefits from JSL relationship with all Brazilian automakers;
  • Market Intelligence: JSL is at the forefront of used car vehicles trends (dealership network since 1995); and
  • Access to Credit.

… and supported by solid Corporate Governance.

  • Novo Mercado listing segment;
  • Related parties:
    • 100% arm’s length transactions;
    • Related parties policies;
    • Contracts:
      • Commercial agreement for asset procurement and sale; and
      • Infrastructure sharing.
    • Non-competing - independent board members vote on related party transactions.